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WATCH: Mason Mount reminisces about the times Mason Mount used to score goals

Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end

In his first three full seasons as a senior Chelsea first-team player, in 160 games, Mason Mount scored 30 goals. That’s a goal every five games and change (five a third, to be exact).

In this current season, in 32 games across all competitions, Mason Mount has scored a grand total of 3 goals: exactly twice as worse his previous ratio. Safe to say, that’s not great, and it’s especially not great timing for his (still ongoing?) contract negotiations.

But one subpar season should not and does not define a career, especially for a player who’s been with Chelsea for all but the first six years of his life on this planet. So regardless of what happens with his contract — and hopefully we do figure it out — that shouldn’t take away from any of his accomplishments, nor should it cheapen his previous successes.

In any case, here’s Money Mase talking about five of his Premier League goals thus far in his (Chelsea) career, with a few bits of insight, even, about other players making helpful runs off the ball (e.g. Timo Werner on the goal against Liverpool) or anticipating correctly what teammates might do with the ball (Tammy Abraham or Hakim Ziyech). Teamwork makes the dream work!

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