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Graham Potter hopes you’re ‘fair and understand the position’ Chelsea are in

But it’s okay if you’re not; it’s no skin off his back

Chelsea Training Session and Press Conference
Not a care in the world
Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Chelsea visit New Three Point Lane this Sunday afternoon as Graham Potter’s Magical Mystery Tour continues, looking for our third win in fifteen games.

If that record is causing you some extra consternation, know that you’re not alone. And your feelings are valid because we’re all very unique and important. But Graham Potter’s hoping you’re “fair” and understand that he’s (still) got “the toughest job” in football, having to manage all this talent amid all this non-existent pressure.

Not that it really matters, because those are just, like, your opinions, man.

“Supporters, rightly so, are upset because we lost at home to Southampton. Supporters care and when they are upset, they let their feelings be known and we expect that. It would be naive to not think that is a fair response.

“I’ve had a lot of support from the supporters as well and while everyone would agree we’re not happy with the current situation and position, there are a lot of people who recognise where we’re at, what’s happened, and what the challenges have been for us. In the meantime, I know there isn’t anything I can say — if they are against us — with us. The solution is that we have to win matches.”

“Some [want wins straight away] do but I think some are fair and understand the position. If you are Chelsea and lose 1-0 at home to Southampton, who are bottom of the league, then you expect fans to be critical and voice their criticism. That’s fair, there is no point in me saying that isn’t right. That is completely ok.”

-Graham Potter; source: Football.London

Can we all just stop being unfair, like expecting more than 2 wins (and 12 points) from our last 14 Premier League games? Gosh!

This felt like an extra-long pre-match press conference, full of even more of the usual weightless responses from the head coach, who saw fit to open with a joke because obviously these are jokey times. When you have no real pressure to perform and get results, I suppose it’s all just fun and games indeed. You can watch it here if you please (Chelsea’s version omits the joke, amusingly), or read the transcript here if you’d rather not listen to it.

He’s saying nothing new; results are the same; the excuses explanations are the same (he even puts blame on preseason; it’s the end of February!); our plans and solutions remain opaque or non-specific; just trust him, will ya?

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