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STOP THE PRESSES: Graham Potter holds ‘strategy meeting’ with Chelsea staff

Doing their jobs? Headline news.

West Ham United v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

As we while away the days, dreading this Sunday’s trip to Three Point Lane, Chelsea’s PR campaign in support of the head coach continues to fill our days. I suppose it’s good to see the club backing their chosen man to the hilt, even if the methods are disappointingly familiar even in this new era of supposed transparency and fan engagement.

(Instead of continually briefing or leaking stories to the media, why not have an actual figurehead come out and talk to us? Maybe even tell us why all this confidence remains in a head coach overseeing historically bad results?)

Anyway, I’ve ignored most of this waffle beyond the “five reasons” from Matt Law, which probably summarizes the club’s stance succinctly and clearly enough, but today’s headline news from the Evening Standard’s Nizaar Kinsella gave me a right old chuckle.

Get a load of this — and I hope you’re sitting down because this is momentous news! — Graham Potter went to work today ... to do his job! I know! At last! We’re saved.

Yes, that’s right. “Potter and his backroom team arrived at work determined to turn things around.” So what were they doing before? Then again, we know Potter doesn’t think he is the problem.

But wait! There’s more. Not only did they arrive to work, they even did some work! They even did a thing called ... a meeting? “In what has been described by sources as a ‘strategy meeting’, discussions among the football operation at Chelsea centered around how to change course [and] there has been a full debrief of Saturday’s 1-0 defeat by Southampton.”


I mean, with such advanced methods of working, we can surely not (continue to) fail.

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