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Potter: ‘So that’s life there is nothing to complain about’

Anti-inspirational intelligence

West Ham United v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Chelsea Football Club/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Chelsea made headlines earlier this week by hiring a winning-consultant, and when we see and hear what comes out of the mouth of the club’s head coach after every game, is it any wonder that we needed someone like that?

After one of the more blatant missed handball calls you’ll ever see denied Chelsea a penalty late on against West Ham today, Graham Potter was all too happy to simply to take it all lying down. Complaining about it obviously won’t do any good either, certainly not insofar as the 1-1 draw is concerned, but these sort of anti-inspirational attitudes have become pervasive in our performances, and that all starts with the manager. It always starts with the manager.

And that’s before we get into any tactical issues, personnel decisions, or substitutions.

“It looks it [a penalty] but these are the little things you need to go in your favour and at the moment they are not so that’s life there is nothing to complain about.”

Follow this man into battle! I mean ... if you feel like it. Maybe. If you don’t, that’s cool, too. Here’s a participation ribbon anyway.

Potter will say that his demeanor in public and in private is different, but they would have to be different on a psychopath level of drastic for any of what he might say behind closed doors to be actually inspiring.

UPDATE: or we could just have our manager make light of it. He’s evolved well above our base animal instinct emotional levels, after all, and it’s not like his job is in any actual danger so why not. The “toughest” job with the highest job security, etc, etc, etc.

Instead, it’s more useless waffle about positive steps forward that show no actual evidence of forward motion. We had a great 20-minute spell to start, and then it was back to the same old, same old. Much steps, such forward!

“I think you could see positives in the performances for us especially in the first half. It was a step forward for us in terms of the previous game and lots to go forward with. [We] have to keep working. There were positives today and some good attacking moment from players adapting to the Premier League.

“We had real control of the game and it was a cheap goal from our perspective. That lifts the crowd and makes it more difficult but that is something we have to manage better. We will get better from the experience.”

-Graham Potter; source: BT Sport via BBC

Will we?

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