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Reece James set for hamstring surgery after all (UPDATE: DONE!)

Fateful decision

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The man himself has confirmed the surgery, and posted the customary hospital-bed shot with the thumbs up.

Let the healing, both physical and mental, begin!


After nearly two weeks of deliberations and assessments and re-assessments, the fateful decision has been made to (finally) see a surgeon about Reece James’ hamstrings.

“It has been agreed that surgery is the best course of action,” says the Telegraph intimating that James needed all the convincing he could get and then some, and adding that he will have the operation in Finland, which apparently is home to two “specialists in the field”. Whatever it takes!

With the surgery, Reecey’s expected to be out for three-four months, which probably isn’t any longer than he would’ve been out if he had just done his usual rehab and then slow recovery and build-up of fitness ... only to be injured again a few weeks later and start the cycle all over again.

Surgery of course won’t guarantee that the problem is gone forever — can’t fix or replace all the muscles and tendons, bionic man style (or can we?) — but it’s probably the best chance of actually dealing with this problem in an effective way for the long(er)-term. (Assuming things go successfully, and he completes his rehab properly and doesn’t do something silly like try to push for a Euro 2024 spot, or whatnot.)

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