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Graham Potter agrees it’s not acceptable for Chelsea to lose but we have to accept losing

Nietzsche in the house!

Chelsea Training Session And Press Conference
He’s got eight on it
Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Graham Potter, international man of emotional intelligence is not oblivious to the criticisms, the expectations, or the disappointments you may have. He understands your feels and the shallowness of your base animal instincts.

But all that ... is, like, just your opinions, man.

This is the real world, Larry. And the real world is a world of pain, son. A world of suffering and dying face down in the muck.

“As much as we want to win — and I don’t want to sound like it’s acceptable to lose, it’s not — but unfortunately part of the game is dropping points, is not succeeding, you’ve got to suffer and get better.

“When I think back to how I got to this point, a lot of the things are the setbacks and the moments of struggle. So it’s not thinking of [winning this game potentially] as a kickstart, we focus on the next match, try to improve and try to get better.”

-Graham Potter; source: Football.London

Feel like maybe we should start by NOT accepting losing.

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