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Chelsea conducting review of medical department amid player fears — report

Injury Crisis FC

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Chelsea v Dinamo Zagreb - UEFA Champions League - Group E - Stamford Bridge Photo by John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

Among the many changes that Chelsea’s new ownership have overseen, or started to oversee, has been a(n attempted) revamp of the club’s medical department, which had been a cause for some concern under the previous administration, especially over the past couple campaigns that had been significantly affected by injuries.

Long-time department head Dr Paco Biosca was sent packing in September, along with multiple other personnel, including well-liked head physio Thierry Laurent.

In their place, the club hired an external “physiotherapy firm” called Remedy to help ... well, remedy ... the situation, but if anything, things have only gotten worse. It’s to the point now where players are literally fearing for their well-being, at least according to the Telegraph’s report today, which claims that “players believe changes to the medical department were made too quickly and that individuals they trusted with their fitness are no longer at the club”.


To assuage the players’ fears, the club have apparently launched a (new?) “review of the club’s medical department”. It’s unclear if this is the same review we had been conducting already or if an entirely new review, but as Graham Potter revealed last night, they’ve yet to unearth anything actionable.

“Yeah, absolutely, we’re looking all the time, we’re going over how they are happening, trying to evaluate the whole thing. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how things have happened. It’s a bit of bad luck, but it’s also knowing how we can go forward and improve.

“There’s not anything [we can put our finger on] at the moment. There’s not even a pattern, different problems. It’s tricky. It’s not like we’ve been overtraining. We certainly need to get to the bottom of it.”

-Graham Potter; source: Telegraph

The one thing we’re definitely good at these days is not having any answers.

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