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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Book 21 ... and done! (pg. 6441-6542)

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The Personal Effects Of Admiral Cochrane Go On Show At The National Museum Of Scotland Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Welcome to the final Daily Aubrey-Maturin. It’s been a long ride. I had fun. Thanks for reading.


The unfinished (barely started, in fact) 21st book in the series begins, as usual, not long after the previous one ends, with Aubrey & Maturin returning from Chile back through the Magellan Strait, and reporting to an Admiral in Buenos Aires, this time one Admiral Leyton. They change ships, to the Suffolk — with the Surprise, technically a private non-Navy ship, taken back to England — and head eastward across the Atlantic. There’s brief mention of possibly stopping on Saint Helena (where Napoleon’s imprisoned) but it doesn’t get mentioned again.

The focus of the semi-revised pages that did get written is more on personal drama, and for the first time all series, the family gets to come out and travel with the ship (it is peacetime now, after all). There is some friction between the Aubrey children and Maturin’s daughter, but it’s quickly smoothed over. Stephen continues his courtship of Christine and fights off (literally and figuratively) another would-be suitor.

And then we fade to black ... and can only assume they all lived happily ever after.





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