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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Blue at the Mizzen (Book 20), Chapters 8-10 (pg. 6358-6440)

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Sr. George Bridges Rodney, Rear Admiral of the Blue.
Sr. George Bridges Rodney, Rear Admiral of the Blue., 1780
Photo by: Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images


The Ringle has suffered some damage after running aground in the super secret shortcut, and both ships could use a resupply anyway, so a pitstop is made on San Patricio. Aubrey runs into Sir Lindsay and another man from England who’s here to to help, called Austin Dobson. The three initially butt heads over who’s the most important, but they eventually reach a compromise; after all, we’re all on the same side!

The Suprise & Co eventually reach Valparaiso, where contact is made with the local revolutionary effort. Maturin & Jacob learn that the remaining Royalists are trying to build a navy, so a plan is hatched to cut off these efforts.


Aubrey leads another brilliant engagement, taking control of Valdivia and driving the Royalists out. Aubrey is wounded, but should survive.

It’s a great victory for the movement, but then as the weeks and months go by, the momentum fades and the the movement starts faltering once again. Aubrey’s still doing his best to help, effectively nullifying the opposition’ navy.


But Aubrey (not the crew) are getting paid for this, and Aubrey decides he’s had enough of this pro bono work — especially after a letter arrives appointing him Rear Admiral of the Blue and giving him his next official mission

Life goal achieved!

And thus ends Book 20, “Blue at the Mizzen”. This was the final complete book. There will be one more update for Book 21, “21”, which isn’t really a book at all but a rough draft and an outline.





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