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Chelsea unveil 2022-23 away kit, sort of

Not really available yet!

Not that it was a great mystery or anything, with months and months of leaks and knock-offs spotted in the wild — I remember seeing at least one in Orlando, with the incorrect shirt-sleeve sponsor, for example — but the 2022-23 away kit has now been officially unveiled, just hours before it will be in action as we take on Everton at Goodison this evening to begin the new season.

Chelsea’s reticence in making a big deal out of this probably has something to do with the kit being unavailable for public consumption at the moment, with stocks only expected to arrive at the end of the month.

As far as the design itself, it’s not too bad though I don’t like it as much as the home kit’s classic simplicity with just the right amount of flair. The hoops do give it an ‘80s vibe, and the I like that the motif in the hoops themselves matches the collar on the home shirt as well as the pattern on the warm-up shirts. The white-on-white also makes the ghastly ‘3’ logo less of an eyesore.

Hopefully it brings us luck today, and this season!

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