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Tuchel seeking clarity on the pitch and in the transfer market

Dog days

Chelsea Training Session Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

In the three games so far this season, Chelsea have one win, one draw, and one defeat, with the win coming in arguably our worst performance and the draw coming in our best. Whatever it was that we witnessed last weekend was the defeat, a rather self-inflicted one that looked far worse on the scoreboard than the balance of played would’ve warranted.

Those sorts of inconsistencies are maddening for fans and head coaches alike. Thomas Tuchel certainly would love to know which Chelsea will show up today.

“I’m not 100% sure where we are, how we are, who we are. We are in transition as a club and as a team. These things, the bigger they are, they help us get a clearer view, help us with decisions for the upcoming matches, and make things clearer to us and to me. Then we can transport it to the players to improve because we need to improve.”

Performances on the pitch are probably not helped by the various uncertainties generated by transfer market activities — be they incoming or outgoing. We have just a handful of days left before the window slams shut on September 1, so hopefully once all the dust settles, we can focus a little better.

Chelsea Training Session Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

“[We can improve] not only in transfers but in approach to how we play, what we play, where we improve. It is not only about shouting for players. The squad was strong enough to win the match in Leeds — and far too strong to lose 3-0. This is where everything starts.

“The opinions for transfers have not changed much or at all. We knew for weeks what we have and want to add to the group. I am far too experienced in this job to this level to know not every wish can be fulfilled. We have our own stuff to improve and it sharpens our vision on our own team. This is where the focus is.”


“I love the group. We speak a lot about transfer window but the good thing about the transfer window when it closes is that you know this is your group, no more distraction or distraction in focus. Also, from the players that struggle with the decisions of ‘where do I go? Should I go? What do I have to offer? What is my role?’

“On September 1 things are clear. This will give us a boost to build a strong squad, group and atmosphere within the group that carries us. Basically, I’m enjoying the challenge and enjoying the challenge to build a new group, to be in the Premier League. Everything is fine.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: Football.London

Everything is fine and nothing hurt.

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