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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Hundred Days (Book 19), Chapter 1 (pg. 5913-5947)

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Port Of Gibraltar
Ships amassing at Gibraltar


Just the one chapter tonight as I had a rec-league match to play, but we begin at port in Gibraltar, with Aubrey’s squadron arriving after some time at sea and hooking up with Admiral Keith. The Hundred Days (i.e. War of the Seventh Coalition) is under way, and it’s not looking too great just yet for the allies, who were all too quick to be done with all this fighting only to be drawn back in thanks to Napoleon’s escape and him quickly amassing a new army. (Commodore) Aubrey’s squadron are tasked with protecting shipping in the Mediterranean and also making sure that the French don’t start building more warships.

There’s also a bit of shocking news with the off-screen death of Diana, Stephen’s wife, who died in a car coach accident. She had taken to driving horsedrawn carriages as a hobby over the past couple books, but apparently took a corner too fast...





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