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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Thirteen-Gun Salute (Book 13), Chapters 9-10 (pg. 4397-4452)

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Typhoon in the waters of the Philippines
Ship in a typhoon


Despite a signed treaty and the general success of the diplomatic mission (or perhaps precisely because of it), there’s tension between the civilians and the military personnel, and there’s no softening despite Aubrey’s best attempts at cordial relations. Still, that’s not too great of a concern, since the landlubbers will get deposited back on Java soon enough. But first, the Diane’s scheduled to meet the Surprise at the previous agreed rendezvous point in the South China Sea.

Alas, no Surprise, no sign of it being there before and no sign of it arriving during the week spent waiting for them. Reluctantly, Aubrey starts heading back towards Java ... but then runs aground on an uncharted reef.


Just as a few books ago on the coast of South America, they hit rock at high tide, so they have to wait two weeks to really have a chance of floating once again. They start lightening the ship in the meantime, but the diplomatic delegation get restless and ask for a cutter to take them the rest of the way to Java. Aubrey more than happily obliges.

Not long after they leave, a typhoon hits the stranded ship, ripping it to pieces and marooning the 150+ sailors on a small rock in the middle of the South China Sea...

And so ends Book 13, “The Thirteen-Gun Salute”. This was one of my favorites so far. Next up, Book 14, “The Nutmeg of Consolation”.





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