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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Treason’s Harbour (Book 9), Chapters 5-6 (pg. 3033-3104)

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STUCK SHIP EVER GIVEN, SUEZ CANAL — MARCH 26, 2021: Maxar’s WorldView-2 collected new high-resolution satellite imagery of the Suez canal and the container ship (EVER GIVEN) that remains stuck in the canal north of the city of Suez, Egypt.


A smooth and fast voyage sees the Dromedary arrive a couple days early at the Nile delta. Their reception by the locals is not quite up to Aubrey’s liking — in part due to the early arrival — but they turn out to be friendly and cooperative enough in the end. Maturin’s got that classic bad feeling about this however: the mission is supposed to be a secret but everyone seems to know and be talking about it.


The crew make a successful, if hot and uncomfortable, crossing by land to the Gulf of Suez (no Suez Canal yet!), where they take command of the Niobe in order to intercept the French galley loaded with mythical silver. Because they’re well ahead of schedule, it takes them a bit, but they eventually do locate the ship in question. It turns out to be a trap however, with the chests onboard filled with lead rather than precious metals. The French have been running the ship up and down the Red Sea to create the illusion and gossip of importance.

And as if that wasn’t foolish enough, the expedition’s local expert gets eaten by sharks and Maturin’s diving bell, which he of course insisted upon bringing along, is nearly broken.

The Suez Canal Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images



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