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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Treason’s Harbour (Book 9), Chapter 4 (pg. 2995-3032)

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Nomani dromedary, Egypt, 1830-1831.
The ship of the desert
Photo by SSPL/Getty Images


Just as things are getting interesting in port, Aubrey’s ordered to go on a mission east of the Nile, to disrupt French activities in the Red Sea. Maturin’s tagging along, so is his diving bell, much to Jack’s chagrin. Mr Wray gets his man, Hairabedian, on board as well. He’s the local expert in the region, with Graham sent back to England.

Aubrey’s given command of the HMS Dromedary for this mission, with the Worcester now condemned and the Surprise still being worked on. There’s no time to waste so they set sail quickly, with the all-star but shabby crew, who had grown a bit soft during their landlocked-ness.

Also, Maturin hears a rumor that Diana’s cheating on him.

And speaking of love, that’s all we have time for today, because...


I went to see the new Thor movie instead, which was quite entertaining — not that I expect anything less from Taika Waititi.





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