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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Treason’s Harbour (Book 9), Chapters 1-3 (pg. 2911-2994)

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Diving Bell: Rees’ Cyclopaedia
Maturin gets a Halley’s Diving Bell
Photo by Science Museum/SSPL/Getty Images


We begin by dealing with the aftermath of the Ionian Mission, with everybody land-bound on Malta. Both the Worcester and the Surprise are in dock being repaired, so Aubrey’s without a ship. Pullings has been finally promoted, but he’s also without a ship. Admiral Thornton has passed, Harte in temporary command and Ives on the blockade. Card-cheat Wray is the new intelligence chief.

Meanwhile, French agents are on the island and they’ve sussed out and are targeting Maturin, who’s busy ordering a Halley’s Diving Bell on Amazon Prime. They recruit Mrs Fielding to their cause, with promise of freedom for her husband stuck in a French prison.


Fielding goes to work on trying to charm the charmless Maturin, but she also catches Jack’s eye. Rumors start about Jack after he rescues Fielding’s dog, but those are largely baseless.

French agents also meet with Wray, who appears to be a traitor. Maturin has not figured this out yet, and trusts Wray.


Fielding rejects Aubrey’s clumsy advances, then clumsily advances on Maturin, who figures out that something’s off and gets Fielding to confess to the French plot. Maturin contemplates making her a double-agent, and using her to plant false information like he did with Mrs Wogan and the Americans a few books ago.





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