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WaFFLe 2022-23 Season

Fantasy Football’s back!

WaFFLe 22/23
Photo by Maurice ROUGEMONT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Another Premier League season brings the ninth edition of WaFFLe: WAGNH’s Fantasy Football League! A head-to-head draft fantasy league, we had 72 teams last year separated in six divisions. There are also additional competitions, namely the WaFFLe Cup and the WaFFLe Champions League, which add a bit of extra fun.

Teams are unique within divisions — only one manager can own a certain player within your division. The draft format used is a snake draft, so the team that picks last in a round gets to pick first in the next round.

Scoring in a draft fantasy league is different from that in a regular FPL, with stats like tackles, interceptions and key passes involved. All the scoring details can be viewed in the Fantrax league’s summary page (here are the default settings).

Waiver system will be the same as last season, with managers bidding a certain amount for players available in the waiver wire. The manager making the highest bid gets the player. If two bids are same, a tie-breaker order decides who gets the player. The tie-breaker order is initially set as inverse of the draft order. When a tie is broken, the team winning the claim gets added to the bottom of the tiebreaker order, and everyone else moves up. Tie-breakers are invoked only if two competing bids are equal.

There will be a budget of 60, with 30 available from the start and the remaining 30 will be added after the summer transfer window is closed.


Simply click the link here and fill out the form.

The form has multiple sections, please make sure to fill in all the fields. Returning players will need to provide details about the previous season (such as team name, division etc.) — if you fail to submit this information you will be automatically be added to the wait list. You’ll get a confirmation mail later on. Registrations are open until the 16th of July. If you have any issues with the registration, please get in touch, either via the Fantrax app or via email.

If you are a returning user, you’ll get a Fantrax invitation to join the league within a couple of days. New users will be on a waiting list. There will be another post after a few days announcing all the divisions. New users can check this new post to see whether they got in.

Upon confirmation, you will be added to a group mail with everyone in your division. You will discuss with others in your division to decide on a draft time convenient for everyone. Try to pick a time slot that works for everyone. The league is most enjoyable when everyone is active.

All divisions are expected to finish their drafting by the 31st of July, the remaining days will be spent configuring the league and importing everyone’s teams into the multi-division league.

edit: apologies folks, slight oversight on my end, I’ve updated the deadline now. Registrations are open until the 16th of July

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