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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Ionian Mission (Book 8), Chapters 9-11 (pg. 2802-2910)

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The Citadel, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece, by Charles William Wyllie (1859-1923) from “The Picturesque Mediterranean” circa 1890...
The Citadel, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece, by Charles William Wyllie circa 1890
Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images


The Worcester limps back to home base, but it’s in terrible shape and needs to repair and refit lest it founder. The blockade of Toulon’s set to resume, but the Surprise also won’t be taking part as in the action against the French, both its captain and first officer were killed by a lucky cannon shot. Surprising, indeed.

Meanwhile, Admiral Thornton is dying and is set to be replaced by Harte. Thornton’s last mission for Aubrey is to the “Seven Islands” of the Ionian coast of Greece (there’s your title), to supply the locals with guns and arms in exchange for them fighting against the French. Aubrey gets to command the Surprise, just like in the good old days.


The Surprise captures a prize on the way — good sign! — but the weather stops co-operating once they reach their destination. Aubrey eventually allies himself with one of the three local contenders for the Royal Navy’s favor. He doesn’t choose wisestly.


The guns that were supposed to be delivered get stolen by one of the other local wannabes. Their two ships are located and boarded by the Surprise — like Lord Nelson at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent — but at the cost of Pullings getting sabered in the face...

And we end Book 8 on that cliffhanger. And thank goodness for that; this book was not my favorite. Next up, Book 9, “Treason’s Harbour”.





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