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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Ionian Mission (Book 8), Chapters 6-8 (pg. 2700-2801)

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a baby rhino
Bryon Houlgrave, The Register


With Maturin away in Spain, Aubrey and the Worcester get pulled off blockade duty at Toulon and given a mission by Admiral Harte to deliver an envoy and gifts to some allies in Northern Africa — but really the mission is meant to bait the French into action.

They are joined by a couple ships, including Babbington’s Dryad and one that also a rhino onboard becase why not. The Dryad’s supposed to be the (unwitting) bait, but Babbington spots the danger, so it’s the full squad that meets the French ships at the neutral port. Rules of engagement mean they cannot attack, and the French refuse to fire first with an even matchup, so no battle occurs. Aubrey questions his own bravery, as does a court-martial afterwards, with Harte claiming that he disobeyed orders. Aubrey avoids punishment by producing Harte’s written orders (that mention no ruse).


The Worcester’s next assignment is to pick up Maturin in Menorca, which is now back in Spanish control, and deliver him to Southern France for a spy mission. But the mission goes awry, thanks to another agent already on the scene. Maturin rescues him but not the mission. They are both able to escape.


The Worcester’s back on blockade duty and back to being bored. But then somehow the French fleet slips out and attempts to make a run for it westward. Admiral Thornton’s hoping to cut them off and destroy them, but the wind betrays the Royal Navy and the French are able to turn around and slip back without suffering any casualies.





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