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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Ionian Mission (Book 8), Chapters 3-5 (pg. 2621-2699)

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Map Of Toulon Harbor, 1700
Map Of Toulon Harbor, 1700
Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images


Maturin’s wounded in the preceding action, but while his injuries look bad and bloody, he’s not seriously hurt. He spends the rest of the uneventful journey to Gibraltar and beyond recuperating and having deep chats with whoever can lend an ear.

Eventually, the Worcester hooks up with Admiral Thornton, commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean, in Menorca. Thornton’s condition shocks; he’s been worn down by the lengthy blockage or the Franch in Toulon, and the associated boredom.


The Worcester joins the blockade, and let the boredom begin!


The boredom continues — they even put on a production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” — as the officers and crew try to while away their monotonous, repetitive tasks. Still, Lr. Somers managed to [FUN] up a turn, and draws the ire of Aubrey. Somers has the temerity to talk back, but somehow avoids any public flogging, or worse, as a result.

A familiar face, the HMS Surprise also joins the blockade




Are you sure, Erik?

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