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Boehly vows to fix and improve Chelsea’s workplace culture

New owners taking allegations seriously

Chelsea v Watford - Premier League Photo by Ivan Yordanov/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly, who’s taken over the day-to-day running of the club (at least for now) in the last month, has reportedly sent a memo to all staff promising a full investigation into the allegations of bullying and toxic behavior at the club, which was uncovered and reported by the New York Times this week.

While Chelsea have not released an official statement as yet regarding this issue, Boehly’s memo follows a response to the Times from the club about having taken “initial steps” to address these concerns.

As per the Guardian, Boehly’s letter assures that a zero-tolerance approach will be taken, and there will be more transparency, accountability, inclusivity, diversity and opportunity in the workplace.

“[...] while we have a winning team on the pitch … we need to review and analyse how we can improve the club’s culture”

“The physical and mental health and wellbeing of all of our people is paramount. Our mission is to create a workplace environment that empowers everyone to be safe, included, valued and trusted. We will work tirelessly to set and achieve the highest standards.”

-Todd Boehly memo; source: Guardian

The report adds that Chelsea have confirmed that the review team that’s been appointed is in fact a different, “new” external team, not the one from March that had been hired by the previous regime (with an unknown status or outcome for said review).

So, a good response from the new owners, but obviously what actually matters are the positive changes and improvements that hopefully will be made in the club’s workplace culture.

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