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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Treason’s Harbour (Book 9), Chapters 7-8 (pg. 3105-3151)

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Grand Harbour
Sailing ships docked in the Grand Harbour, Malta, circa 1870
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images


With the mission an utter failure, Aubrey & Co tack it back to port, then trudge their way across the desert back to the Mediterranean. On their way, they’re briefly beset by Bedouin raiders, though they only succeed in driving off the camels. Low on food and water, the group still just make it back to the Dromedary anchored off Tina in the Nile delta. Fortunately it has not been taken nor did it leave them.


Back on Malta, Aubrey & Maturin get debriefed and the failure of the mission is blamed on bad intelligence (which is close to the truth) and the interpreter Hairabedian, which isn’t since we know he’s Wray’s man. Or was, before getting eaten by sharks. Maturin hasn’t quite sussed this yet (Wray working with the French), but he’s warned by a coded message from Sir Joseph to not to fully trust the man. He does beat Wray for all he’s worth at cards however, and when Wray’s unable to pay, asks for favors (in command duties) for Aubrey and Pullings in return. Maturin also continues to work Mrs Fielding by giving her false intelligence to feed back to the French, while Jack and Mrs Fielding have a secret and well concealed affair (or at least Stephen suspects it).


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