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The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Post Captain (Book 2), Chapters 1-3 (pg. 407-488)

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Pride And Prejudice Photo by LMPC via Getty Images


The second book begins with (still just Master And Commander) Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin as passengers on the HMS Charwell, which is giving chase to a French frigate. It’s about to get all dramatic, but then, disaster strikes: peace has broken out! (Presumably the Treaty of Amiens was signed.) Few things worse for the business of war, and those employed by it, than peace — even if this peace would end up lasting only about a year.

But then something even worse breaks out, a romance novel! Suddenly, it’s all “Pride and Prejudice” — uh, “Bridgerton”, for the kids out there, minus all the sex and diversity — as Jack & Steve-o shack up in Sussex (more like Susnosex, amirite?) and catch the attentions of the local singles. Jack likes sweet Sophie (and not just because that was also the name of his previous ship), and she likes him back. Jack also likes Diana, and she also likes him back. Stephen also likes Diana, but she doesn’t quite like him back, at least not in that way. Swipe left.


Mrs. Williams, Sophie’s mother and Diana’s aunt tries to play matchmaker and so we get a fancy dinner party. Stevie gets a kiss from Di, but she just a tease, man.


Thankfully, this bit of silliness comes to a close, though unfortunately by way of financial ruin. Aubrey’s “prize-agent” has evidently stolen all his funds, and there’s little he can do about it. And in this world, if you have no money, you have no prospects. Don’t want no scrubs! Mrs. Williams quickly shuts down her Tinder service, as Jack begs the admiralty for a ship and an assignment. No such luck.

Maturin, who’s revealed (to us, not to Jack) to be a part-time spy for British intelligence, offers his bachelor pad in Spain as a place for them to escape their financial, romantic, and legal troubles (bill collectors a-comin’!), and that’s indeed the plan — though not before sweet Sophie says she’ll wait for Jack while Diana messes with Stephen’s emotions a bit more. Ugh! As if!





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