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Muhsin Bayrak doubles down on his Chelsea bid BS; Binance CEO declines to make offer

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London 2012 - Olympics Monopoly Board Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Supposed Turkish billionaire Muhsin “visionary businessman” Bayrak has doubled down on his supposedly real attempt to buy Chelsea Football Club from Roman Abramovich, telling whoever will listen that he’s indeed very, very serious. No, very serious! And it seems that many are willing listeners indeed, regardless of how much of what he says continues to sound like absolute BS.

Like when he talks about taking on Chelsea’s £680m debt (despite Abramovich making it quite clear that he’s not collecting on the debt we owe him, which is actually over twice that amount) or sponsorship income for two more years when the deal with Three UK expires in 2023.

“It has a debt of only 680 million pounds, and it has sponsor income to cover it for 2 years. We undertake it. We undertake that debt.”

What else will they undertake? How about negotiations for an offer “less than £2.5b” on Thursday? Why not. Let’s talk.

“We have reached a certain stage. Our law and finance department will start talks mutually in London on Thursday. The situation is at this stage now [and] will notify the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on Thursday.”

“[...] Turkey is the talk of the world, these are important things. I hope the world opinion says that we have 90 percent of Chelsea. And Roman Abramovich agrees.”

“[We] need to manage this process very well or we will lose. There are other countries that want Turkey not to accept it. Let it be a bit of a secret, let’s get the consent of the other party until Thursday. We did not give that price to the British press. Our offer is below that, at least I can tell you that.

-Muhsin Bayrak; source: Oda TV via Google Translate


Anyway, here’s some actual news about a potential bidder, and it’s not a great one as Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has ruled out making a bid, or even making a bid for the NFT of the club. I’m sure John Terry is very disappointed.

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