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Todd Boehly, Loutfy Mansour join budding billionaire bidding war for Chelsea — report

Let the games begin

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Roman Abramovich made it clear that he’s not going to rush through a deal to sell his beloved Chelsea, and governmental powers willing, he will hopefully get a chance to do so over the next few weeks, and make the best possible deal for the future of the club (beyond just the fact that he’s leaving us debt-free) and for the future benefit of the charitable organization he’s decided to set up with the net proceeds.

Reports of several investors or investment groups circling in the water had already emerged earlier this week, with Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss revealing his own involvement. Joining his growing consortium apparently is American “financier” Todd Boehly, whom we might remember from a few years ago, when he tried to lead his own investment group in a possible $3b takeover bid, which was swiftly knocked back. These two (and whoever else might join them) seem very much like money-men just looking to make more money, which certainly would be a massive step down from Abramovich — though they will all be a step down by definition since we know he’s the best owner in club football.

Perhaps a bit more promising is a mention in the Telegraph that Loutfy Mansour, son of Mohamed Mansour, is potentially also looking to put together a bid package. The Mansours own Mansour Group, a massive Egyptian (well, global) conglomerate with $6b in annual revenues, and Loutfy is the head of its investment arm, Man Capital. More pertinently, he’s reportedly also a season ticket-holder at Stamford Bridge, and has made at least one foray into sports already by acquiring Right To Dream last year and setting up Man Sports. In addition to various grassroots footballing activities and initiatives, Right To Dream are also the owners of Danish SuperLiga club FC Nordsjælland (where Michael Essien is currently part of the coaching staff incidentally).

Also, if you want a laugh, Conor McGregor wants in.

Or at least wants some attention.


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