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Aethel Partners submit Chelsea bid; Boehly, Broughton add more people — reports

Silly Bidding Season!

A general view of Stamford Bridge stadium, the home of... Photo by Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

With just a little over 24 hours to go, the Chelsea bidding action is starting to truly hot up. We have existing bids adding more people, we have prospective bids scrambling for more funding, and we have new bids coming out of the woodwork — after all, there’s still an overriding thinking that despite the Boehly-Wyss and the Saudi Media bids’ prominence and supposed “lead” in the process, the eventual winner will still be some entity coming out of nowhere. (Much like Abramovich came out of nowhere back in 2003.)

In terms of new confirmed bids, we have a £2b offer from Aethel Partners, a “global private equity, alternative asset management and financial services firm headquartered in London”. Hard to put a face to this one, but perhaps they’ll add someone in that regard before the deadline.

In fact, the Boehly-Wyss bid have added two people along similar lines, with Chelsea fans Daniel Finkelstein, OBE and Barbara Charone joining the bid with a view towards becoming board members. Baron Finkelstein is a Times columnist, politician, think tank thinker, while Charone is in the music business, “Britain’s most powerful music PR” in fact (or at least according to the Guardian in 2008).

Meanwhile, Sir Martin Broughton’s (and Lord Coe’s) budding bid has added some financial muscle, as per Sky News, in the form of “SPAC Hall of Famer” Michael Klein, as well as investment and management partners Creative Artists Agency and Evolution Media Capital. Sir Martin and Lord Coe talk a good game, so hopefully they can line up financing that would keep the team competitive first and foremost (he said naively).

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