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Chelsea ‘unable to print’ sanction era sponsor-free kits due to the sanctions themselves — report


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Norwich City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Sponsors fleeing the Chelsea “brand” and related association due to the sanctions placed on the club and soon-to-be former owner Roman Abramovich by the UK government have not quite been able to do so, thanks to the sanctions themselves.

Shirt sponsors Three UK and shirt-sleeve sponsors Hyundai have both suspended their sponsorship in the wake of last Thursday’s announcement, specifically wanting their logos removed from the team’s shirts, but Chelsea played both the game later that Thursday and on Sunday as well in the same old familiar kit, with all the usual decorations.

Ironically, according to The Athletic, that’s due to the sanctions themselves. Apparently we’ve been “unable to print new kits” because of the “severe operational restrictions” imposed by the sanctions. In order to get new shirts, we would have to stop complying with the stipulations of the General Licence issued by the government to enable the club to continue operating on a restricted basis.

For their part, Three UK are apparently “not planning to take any legal action” to resolve the issue and are happy to take the free advertisement and publicity but “remain keen” to see the logo removed ... at least until the new owners are in place, who would “rectify any problems” they might have, and at which point they’ll be happy to resume their partnership.

But maybe the club can take inspiration from some of the matchgoing fans, and then, once able, look for sponsors that won’t leave the club high and dry at the first sign of trouble.


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