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Thomas Tuchel not going anywhere, might even drive the Chelsea bus himself

Man like Tommy T

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Norwich City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

There’s never a boring day at Chelsea, as we like to say, but it’s probably never been as much of an understatement as it was today, with every waking moment filled with some sort of drama. That Chelsea emerged victorious at least on the pitch is massive credit to all involved, the players of course and the coaches, and especially Thomas Tuchel, who’s been handling this whole situation over the past few weeks just about as well as anyone could’ve hoped, wanted, and asked for.

And the best part is that he remains fully committed to the club, to helping us navigate these uncharted waters in these uncertain times to the best of his managerial abilities, and perhaps some of his best bus-driving ones, too. (Depending on what sort of financial limits are placed on matchday and travel spending and income, for example.)

“Everybody can be very sure that we focus on us, to keep the attitude and the mentality right on the training ground and within the team. So far we can trust each other and this will not change.

“As long as we have enough shirts and a bus to drive to the games we will be there and will compete hard.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: BBC Radio 5 Live

Things can of course change quickly in football, or the world for that matter — don’t we know it! — and according to the Telegraph, Tuchel may begin to question things depending on how the ownership situation resolves.

But the man himself made it pretty clear prior to tonight’s match that he’s happy to stay and keep fighting the good fight, despite the aforementioned report’s claim that “up to six club had registered an interest in Tuchel” already, including Manchester United.

“I am still happy to be here and still happy to be manager of a strong team. I know there is a lot of noise around [but] at the moment it seems on the football side it is almost protected. I feel privileged to have the chance to be involved in games, coaching and football that I love.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: BBC

It’s hard to have any clarity for anyone involved at the moment, and that’s certainly not an ideal employment situation. But hopefully we can find solace in focusing on football, and let whatever may come our way, come our way.

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