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Abramovich resolve to ‘hang on’ to Chelsea to be tested with takeover bids this week — report

Could it be happening?

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Manchester City v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Alex Caparros - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Roman Abramovich’s “resolve to hang on to the club” is expected to be tested this week, with “at least three parties” eyeing his prized footballing asset and circling like sharks in the water believing that he could actually seriously consider selling Chelsea (before it gets frozen or seized) having been left with “no other option”.

That’s the latest word from the Telegraph, building on their own reporting over the last few days as well as earlier claims from the likes of Bloomberg of quickly building interest in the club — there’s a certain bit of irony there, with big money descending in the blink of an eye to exploit and feed on the scraps of someone else’s misfortune, no? Reports also keep talking about the £1.5b Chelsea technically owe Abramovich, but if his assets are seized, does that really matter?

Abramovich continues to face potential sanctions, at least, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and while he’s tried to manage perceptions a bit by giving up “stewardship” of the club, those efforts have run into some legal difficulties and even if resolved, won’t necessarily protect himself or the club. The (still) Chelsea owner has apparently also been involved in some peace talks between the two sides, for whatever that may be worth.

The Telegraph’s report doesn’t shed any light on who these interested parties might be but the way this situation seems to be evolving, we’ll probably learn of their names and sources of income (and whether those are currently palatable or not) pretty soon.

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