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Mateo Kovačić wins Premier League Goal of the Month award

Excellence in volleying

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

It was an epic showdown between two epic Chelsea goals for the Premier League’s Goal of the Month for January, but in the end, it was the less likely of the two strikes that prevailed, with Mateo Kovačić taking home the honor ahead of Hakim Ziyech, and whoever else was unfortunate enough to have scored a great goal in the month that was.

While Ziyech’s goal was certainly glorious, if not museum-worthy, a Kovačić goal is a rare event indeed, and it coming against Liverpool rather than just Spurs certainly adds to its overall value in a way as well. And that’s before we get to the perfect technique on the volley, the pure contact and measured power, all the while moving backwards and away from the ball. I’d argue it’s the most Kovačić of all goals: a pure technical achievement that few others could replicate in that given situation but feels like he could do it every time if he really wanted to.

In any case, congrats, Mateo and BEHOLD:

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