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Graham Potter thinks Chelsea ‘looked like a good team’ in ‘pleasing performance’ against Manchester City

And I thought MY jokes were bad

Manchester City v Chelsea - Carabao Cup - Third Round - Etihad Stadium Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Graham Potter was hoping to use Wednesday’s Carabao Cup match against Manchester City to “learn more about the squad” and hopefully see some improvement from some of the recent games we’ve been subjected to, like the defeat against Arsenal or the defeat against Brighton.

So, mission accomplished then, in the defeat against Manchester City.

We did look ... better ... than in our last two Premier League games, though you might argue that there was no way to look worse. Could’ve looked the same, but we didn’t, so there’s certainly something to hang your hat on. Or all your hats on.

And goals change games, so actually scoring one or two might have resulted in a different outcome indeed.

And Potter presumably learned a few more things, like the names of Lewis Hall and Omari Hutchinson Lewis Hall. At least I can only presume that he did. He would’ve had to, in order to come out with such a glowing assessment, a ray of [FUNNING] sunshine on a cold damp night in Manchester.

“A lot to like. We created some big chances and attacked well. We weren’t perfect, but did a lot right in the game. It was a pleasing performance, a step forward in how we want to play.

“I’m disappointed with the result but happy with the performance. We had some big chances. You won’t get many bigger ones here. We had big courage to try to play out. The boys showed quality and courage. I liked a lot of what we did today.

“We could have done better for their goals. The wall could do better. It’s those fine details you can improve but performance-wise I’m really happy.

“I’m always concerned when we don’t get results. Our performances haven’t been what we wanted in the last couple of games. But today is what we wanted the team to look like. We looked like a good team.”

-Graham Potter; source: Sky via BBC

Guys, we’ve done it. We looked like we wanted to look, played like we wanted to play, and couraged like we wanted to courage. Big chances. Huge.

Just forgot to actually win after such tremendous footballing, I guess. Oopsies! We’ll get ‘em next time!

Looking forward to seeing more of this on the weekend in a game that does actually matter, away to top-four side Newcastle United. Hashtag trust the process. Hashtag we must suffer. Hashtag real change doesn’t happen overnight. Hashtag there are no shortcuts. Hashtag hurray for winter break.

And in case you want more positivity in your life, here’s Graham Potter’s hilariously brief official post-match press conference — the above quotes are from the tunnel interview with Sky Sports — with journalists practically falling over themselves in their rush to ask questions after such a positive performance. (Credit to Adam Newson for both questions.)

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