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Chelsea exit stings a bit less as Thomas Tuchel rejuvenates in India

Taking a well-deserved break

We’ve had more than our fair share of sackings over the past couple decades, but few if any had been as shocking as the sudden departure of Thomas Tuchel at the start of September. Results weren’t great, to be sure, but from outside appearances, it looked and sounded like Tuchel was the new ownership’s chosen one to keep leading us into the club’s new era.

Turns out that behind the scenes, the relationship was far from ideal, and the top brass decided to pull the plug as they completed their first 100 days in charge. That is their prerogative after all.

As we had come to expect, Tuchel handled his departure with his customary clear-eyed realism and truthfulness, though his farewell note a few days after the fact didn’t shy away from revealing his personal pain at the decision either. Nearly two months later, it still stings a bit, it would appear based on the brief interview the 49-year-old gave to Sportstar in India, but he’s getting some lovely rejuvenation over there and life is probably pretty good all things considered.

“I loved every day at Chelsea. It came to an end too early for me, but it was out of my hands. This is also what you sign up for.”

“I was curious [about Ayurvedic rejuvenation]. One of my assistant coaches was here six years ago. He told me good things about this place. I have always been aware of the principles of Ayurveda. After a long period of coaching, there was a possibility of taking a break for me, so I came here. The experience has been fantastic. I feel energised and calm. I would recommend this to everybody who wants to discipline the body and the mind.”

Whenever he’s ready for his next assignment, Tuchel’s unlikely to be short of suitors. His agent has already fielded several offers (including from Aston Villa), but the time is not quite right yet.

“I haven’t made a decision yet. It is now time for me to take a break. Some clubs have been calling my manager but we agreed that he would not call me here for these past 18 days.”

“At the World Cup, I am looking forward to watching the players I trained.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: Sportstar

‘Til we meet again, Tommy T.

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