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Chelsea fine Lukaku with Tuchel, Čech, Granovskaia in full agreement

Laying down the law

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Chelsea FC Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

We’ve had the talks, we’ve had the apologies, and now we have one final note (well, for now) to the Lukaku saga, with Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel confirming that the club have fined the striker for his unauthorized and surprise interview with Sky Italia a few weeks ago that has caused all this disruption and distraction.

“There will be some disciplinary action and he will accept it. It happened and it’s not a small thing. But it’s not the biggest thing and does not make a comeback impossible, absolutely not. This is what we (will) prove now.

“But, something happened. He will be fined and of course he needs to accept it.”

Unconfirmed reports put the the fine at around half a million. That works out roughly to two weeks’ wages, which is a fairly standard amount as far as fines go. (Chelsea fined Ricardo Carvalho two weeks’ wages back in 2005 for a public outburst as well, for example.)

It’s not the amount, it’s the principle.

Chelsea FC Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Speaking of principles, Chelsea continue to present a unified front behind the head coach, which is nice to see given our habits over the past couple decades. It probably helps that this is far from an irretrievable situation, despite the furore surrounding it, and Lukaku should get plenty of chances to make up for this bit of silliness many-fold.

“[No] extra pressure because of the way that we dealt with it. Petr (Cech), Marina (Granovskaia) and myself were very calm and very quick and very open. In the end it was very easy to deal with it — although we do not like to deal with it. We prefer not to have any noise.

“[In] moments like this it’s necessary to take decisions and trust your leadership, to believe in what you do and to stay focussed, stay calm and show belief in the values that we implemented to work together.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: The Athletic

Minor setbacks, major comebacks. It’ll be even more symbolic if he does the business against Conte (and Spurs).

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