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WATCH: Romelu Lukaku’s apology to Chelsea fans

Thanks I guess

I didn’t think this was truly necessary, but here we have it anyway, Romelu Lukaku’s public apology, going point-by-point of why his interview with Sky Italia a few weeks ago caused so much drama upon its release last week, and why he’s sorry for all of it.

I’m fairly tired of talking about this, so just go watch it, if you need this.

“To the fans, I’m sorry for the upset I caused. You guys know the connection I have with this club since my teenage years so I totally understand you guys being upset. Obviously, it’s up to me now to restore your trust and show my commitment every day on the training ground and in the games trying to make sure we win games.”

-Romelu Lukaku; source: Football.London

As with any such apologies — the above is just a small snippet — some will take it at face value, some will accuse it of being performative or perfunctory, superficial or insincere. Whatever it is, and whatever it isn’t, words are just words at the end of the day. If we learned anything, that should be our takeaway. We probably shouldn’t take things professional footballers say, either good or bad about a club, so seriously in the first place. Things can change in football overnight anyway regardless of opinions, declarations, or intentions.

Let the healing begin with a couple goals against Spurs tomorrow, yes?

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