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Premier League 1-0 John Terry’s NFTs

Putting the L in non-fungible

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Aston Villa U18 v Liverpool U18: FA Youth Cup Final Photo by Naomi Baker - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Chelsea legend John Terry has been back at the club for barely a month, and he’s already back in the headlines and not exactly in a good way. Having taken a “coaching consultancy role” with the Academy, which should be a role that rarely if ever makes news, the 41-year-old has instead become more known for pushing NFT “art” of dubious value and, more disturbingly, some rather obvious racist undertones.

And, as it turns out, it also contains some copyright violations. Bonus!

That story was floated earlier this week, and while Terry struck a defiant tone on social media against those reports, calling out the Telegraph’s Sam Wallace specifically, it looks like there was plenty of veracity to them. As reported last night by the Telegraph and many others including the Guardian, the Premier League trophy has been removed from the NFT collection “Ape Kids Club” since they did not have a licensing agreement to use it. Similarly, UEFA and Chelsea themselves continue to look into unauthorized used of trademarked assets and images, though it looks like the NFTs are getting scrubbed clean quickly.

Terry has been steadily roping in other former and current footballers into his NFT scheming, including Tammy Abraham, Ashley Cole, and Bobby Zamora. Of course, this is all just a scam crypto-speculation at its core, a pyramid or Ponzi scheme for these ‘20s, the 2020s.

If you have a couple hours, you should watch Folding Ideas’ dissertation on the problems with NFTs. It’s a deep dive, but it should be required viewing for everyone — especially if you don’t have millions in disposable income.

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