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Kanté, Jorginho, Mount contracts next after Christensen, Rüdiger — report

Long-term planning

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

In-between transfer windows, Chelsea have been focusing on contract extensions, and we should be seeing good news confirmed in that regard with Andreas Christensen ... soon.

It’s never clear what the exact timelines are with such things, but the reporting around his contract has been consistently confident, including the most recent ones — certainly when compared with the status of Antonio Rüdiger’s contract extension, which seems to be making little progress beyond the initial opening offers. (Rüdiger most likely looking to at least explore the January market to see what he could get elsewhere.)

Beyond those two, according to the Evening Standard, Chelsea are targeting contract talks with N’Golo Kanté, Jorginho, and Mason Mount, with the first two already in the last two years of their contracts and Mount certainly ready to be rewarded for a Chelsea Player of the Year campaign last season. Kanté’s already over the magic age of 30, but presumably we’re still targeting a multi-year extension for him as well.

There is no specific timeline attached to the report, but it does mention that we want to avoid a “repeat of the Rüdiger situation”, which would mean that we settle them before the end of the season. The Kanté and Mount situations should be straightforward, though Jorginho and the constant Italy rumors could make things interesting in his case.

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