Make Coral Comments OK Again

Much has been written about the new comments system. Except for the GIF search functionality it has been negativity and disappointment abound.

For computer users the main gripes seem to have been the disappearing of the z-key functionality, and the lack of automatic loading of more comments (especially within threads).

There has been promise that the z-key will make a much awaited reappearance, but as of yet it is still stuck in some nebulous limbo and not available to us.

Until now! As I've felt annoyed once too many times, I've taken it upon myself to write a user script for TamperMonkey, a free browser plugin.

This user script will re-enable z-key (go to next unread comment) and A-key (mark all unread comments as seen) functionality. It will also load more comments every 20 seconds. While it is in no way perfect, I've personally found it an adequate, if temporary, workaround.

One important caveat: the comments section needs to have the 'focus' in order for it to register the key presses (i.e. click on a comment or select some comment text to make sure the comments have keyboard focus). So, make sure that the comments are loaded, click inside the comments section, and from then on you can use the z-key!

So if, like me, you want basic z-key functionality, it's as easy as installing TamperMonkey for your browser and then installing my user script, which you can do by clicking this link and selecting "Install" (TamperMonkey needs to be installed first!).

Once installed, just visit your favorite Coral-enabled blogging website and the z-key functionality should be available to you! If you have already open pages, you should refresh the page after installing the user script for it to take effect...

While I cannot guarantee I will spend more time on the script, if there are other features that are requested and I'm motivated, I just might. So feel free to add your feedback here.

I hope you enjoy your improved commenting experience!

Installation instructions can also be found at

Update: I've added the "up" functionality, that scrolls to the original comment being replied to, just click on the username in the "in reply to [username]" text...

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