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Lukaku: ‘I’m happy and blessed to be back at this wonderful club’


“Allow me to reintroduce myself”

Romelu Lukaku is back, seven years after leaving, ten years after first arriving, and eleven years after that famous video of him on a school trip to London, declaring his intention to succeed at Stamford Bridge.

“The day I’m playing in this stadium, that will be the single time in my life you will see me cry. I’m going to succeed.”

-Romelu Lukaku, Summer 2010

Unfinished business then.

The Lukaku who returns is a different player from the Lukaku who left of course. He’s older, wiser, and yes, better. Expectations will be higher as well. And so will the potential rewards.

“I’m happy and blessed to be back at this wonderful club. It’s been a long journey for me: I came here as a kid who had a lot to learn, now I’m coming back with a lot of experience and more mature.

“The relationship I have with this club means so much to me, as you know. I have supported Chelsea as a kid and now to be back and try to help them win more titles is an amazing feeling. The way the club is going fits my ambitions perfectly at 28 and just coming off winning Serie A. I think this opportunity comes at the right time and hopefully we can have a lot of success together.

“Since I left Chelsea, it’s been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs, but these experiences made me strong and the challenge is to try to help the team win some more trophies. I can’t wait to get started and to help the club achieve more success.”

-Romelu Lukaku; source: Chelsea FC

Right place, right time, right now.

Let’s go!

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