WaFFLe Divisions (Updated)



WAGNH Football Fantasy League is back for another season, this time too with 72 teams and 6 divisions. The divisions have all been sorted so here’s what happens next-

1- You will receive the league invitation link from Fantrax, in the email id that you provided. Join the league by clicking on the link. The link has a shelf life, so join before the link expires.

2- We will send you another mail which will group you with the other managers in your division. Here you can discuss about the draft date, draft order etc. Once you have decided on your draft date you have to inform either myself or Joe at least one day before the draft so we can set up everything.

3- We will create a separate league for every division, only for drafting purposes. You will be added into this new league where you will carry out the draft, whose results we will then import into the main league and then delete this duplicate single-division league. All leagues must finish drafting by 8th August, since we need time to import the results to the main league.

Here are all the divisions-

Note: The order in which the teams are listed as the order in which you will be picking your draft pick positions. New teams will be randomly assigned a draft position.

* Division 4a and 4b has been updated with new players from the waiting list.


1. Sealy Season – Saelenn

2. Havana Villa FC – JoeTex TwoTechs

3. The Contegious Kants – WiZaCar17

4. dareNevils – Nevil

5. Bakayokohama Tyres – gingerconte

6. Loftus-ButtCheeks – BrendanKali

7. BDU XI – BlueDownUnder

8. Bearly Trying – deadraizer

9. Sarri Not Sarri – Larry_8 (promoted from div 2)

10. Tu Chelsea and Beyond – Forza Conte (promoted from div 2)

11. Toasted Ravioli and Laser Snakes – s_starrett (promoted from div 2)

12. Herculean XI – Pocket_Hercules (promoted from div 2)


1. Slumdog TMIL-lionnaire – Shauryas Sharma (relegated from div 1)

2. Bleed blue – Rupant

3. JillJungJuk – Bluemaggedon

4. Timo’s Touch – Valderrama10

5. Coldzera – vishwasthegeezer

6. Cesc, Drogs and Ashley Cole – Gh00st (promoted from div 3b)

7. SnowBoarders FC – grindo (promoted from div 3a)

8. Lewis Baker Street 221B – Alister Lewis (promoted from div 3b)

9. Judas#One – Someonefamous (promoted from div 3a)

10. Kante Stop, Won’t Stop – Hail to the Blues (promoted from div 3a)

11. Witty Team Name FC – Erland_johnsen (promoted from div 3b)

12. FantasyIsComingHome – JorgisRedBaloon (promoted from div 3a)


1. Delay No More – ernest98 (relegated from div 2)

2. Deportivo Wanka – Martinez#47

3. Pyro’s Scorchers – Pyrokinetic

4. TatAin’tGotNoHistory – Sudip Majumder

5. Nine Lives FC – QuestyCat

6. Stamford Heroes – Brothers in Blue

7. BT Blues – B Tret

8. Turbo Timo 11 – Turbo Timo Time (promoted from div 4a)

9. The CHOsen Ones – anuttam teja (promoted from div 4a)

10. kantestopwinning – spkkps (promoted from div 4a)

11. The Blue Lions – Carefree Varun (promoted from div 4a)

12. Motchaz E. FC – Jhevon (promoted from div 4a)


1. Haz Cat – Haz Cat

2. Kante’s Inferno – Hassan Ahmed

3. Sebby Cakes FC – Sebastian Correa

4. Cech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – Kakela

5. BlueBlood FC – BlueBlood77

6. Darknight – Solowize

7. NVM Ballacks, Here’s the Cesc Pistols – robdatta (promoted from D4b)

8. Asterisk – A-Stah (promoted from D4b)

9. Gardianblue – gardianblue (promoted from D4b)

10. Coca-Zola – TheMuppet (promoted from D4b)

11. Knugen FC – Carlos-Juan (promoted from D4b)

12. The Democrats – r.evan (promoted from D4b)


1. Pulisic’s Heroes – gonzorico (relegated from div 3b)

2. Deppester FC – depp05

3. Rockstar Made Me Do It – robertnhanson (new)

4. Havertzical Integration - CoKo (new)

5. HavertzAhead - HazardAhead* (new)

6. MakeENoCauseFight - MakeENoCauseFight* (new)

7. Hotel? Thiago! – Probenecid (new)

8. KanteTouchThis – Zonar (new)

9. The NeverNudes – tjc5022 (new)

10. Windrunners FC – TaBlue (new)

11. radoscan - Radoskan Daniec Disco Flying Band* (new)

12. Deleter – Shadab (new)


1. Kalouless – Emileb

2. Havertz Got A Clue –

3. Domchels – Walavalkar (new)

4. Tanaycious XI – TG12 (new)

5. Highlanders FC – egodini (new)

6. IAmThe Senate FC – zolagolazo (new)

7. TuchelForYou – 11_Azpilicuetas (new)

8. Le_Blue_Champs – Blazing_Blue_Inferno (new)

9. Blue Lions - JMO-PSU* (new)

10. BabyGotNoCenterBacks – BabyGotNoCenterBacks (new)

11. AngryGOATers – HakunaMorata (new)

12. King Tuchella – jazzpilicueta (new)

Waiting List

This is a list of managers who can join, in case any of the selected managers drop out or fail to respond in time:


Gucci bridge


Pound Dawg






WaFFLe Cup and Champions League

Two more tournaments will be running throughout the season, along with the league:

WaFFLe Cup – A tournament for all the 72 teams

WaFFLe Champions League – A tournament for the best teams from the previous seasons

The sheets will be updated with all the groups, matchups and schedules in the coming days. They will also be regularly updated throughout the season, so make sure to bookmark them!

So that’s all there is to say. The mails will be rolling out within a day and in case of any doubts feel free to contact us by dropping a comment here or sending us a mail.

Happy WaFFLing!

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