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Chelsea, Nike unveil 2021-22 away kit, which is very yellow

Solid choice, with hoops

Chelsea have officially unveiled the 2021-22 away shirt and kit, though if you’ve paid any attention to previous leaks — or the giant mural going up on Stamford Bridge today — none of that will be surprising.

Yes, it’s yellow, which is always a solid (some might even say best) choice for the away kit, and there’s added interest to it with thin black hoops, which are supposed to be represent the “new era of youthful energy taking over the club”, or some such. The shirt is paired with black shorts and yellow socks, to complete that Dortmund look. You’re welcome, Erling!

We’ll be buzzing around the pitch like busy bees in no time with this getup, perhaps as soon as our friendly this on Sunday against Arsenal (just guessing based on the timing of the announcement). Or not.

We also had yellow aways in 2018-19, 2014-15, 2008-09, and throughout much of the ‘90s, though almost always accented by blue, rather than black ... and yellow ... black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow ... you know what it is!

The shirt is on sale now in all the usual places.

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