On Erling Haaland

Like most of you I would love Erling Haaland to sign for Chelsea. Like most of you I am also sick of the constant disection of Haaland non-news on social media.

What really suprises me is that none of the bloggers etc. (that I have followed) have considered the following.

Dortmund let Lewandowski leave for free when they could have cashed in on him a year earlier. They kept Sancho back a year because Utd. wanted to play silly buggers with the price. If they say Haaland is not for sale they probably mean it.

However.... How about something similar to the Pulasic deal where Chelsea bought the player and then loaned him back to Dortmund for a year. If we offered 110m would Dortmund turn us down knowing that he is gone in a year anyway?

So what would we do without Haaland for a year? Well there's Tammy. Danny Ings anyone?

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