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Chelsea friendly against Drogheda United canceled but at least we have this fantastic video from training

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New comments, no Chelsea game, but a fun video?

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Chelsea were supposed to be kicking off against Drogheda United right around this time, but evidently the match has been called off. Since this match was never officially confirmed, there is no official word about the cancelation either, but reports put it down to a medical reason — apparently a positive COVID-19 test among a Chelsea staff member or player, but trust those reports only as far as you’d trust a Twitter report.

So that’s unfortunate, but it’s a bit like a tree falling in the middle of the forest with no one there to see, only to turn out to have not fallen at all. We’ll just have to work on our fitness in training.

Speaking of which, here’s a fantastic video from Chelsea of the level of fun and competitiveness on said training ground. Love to see the friendly intensity and being so motivated simply by pride. (Though we all know Tammy can sing very well, from the video he did with Chunkz & Yung Filly.)

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