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Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell in self-isolation following contact with Chelsea teammate Billy Gilmour


A few hours after news of Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour’s positive COVID-19 test broke out, more developments have ensued as a way to prevent further spread of the virus within Scotland’s national team and other teams that were in contact with the 19-year-old Scottish international. One of such measures was the self-isolation of both Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell, who have closely interacted with Gilmour during England’s encounter with Scotland for the Euros last Friday.

Because of his positive COVID-19 test, Gilmour will have to remain in self-isolation for 10 days and thus miss Scotland’s crucial match against Croatia tomorrow for Group D. But it is still unclear what will be the full measures for both Chilwell and Mount, since their last tests were negative — as it was the case with the rest of the English Team.

But given how COVID-19 tests are not 100% accurate — as it is the case with most tests in any field —, perhaps England will err on the side of caution and leave Mount and Chilwell out of their match against Czech Republic entirely. But whether this will be the case, certainly remains to be seen.

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