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Scottish FA confirm Billy Gilmour has tested positive for COVID-19

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Uh oh...

Right before one of Scotland’s most important matches in their short history at the Euros, Chelsea and Scottish national team midfielder Billy Gilmour has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result the 20-year-old will self-isolate for 10 days and thus miss tomorrow’s Group D matchup against Croatia.

Gilmour had a highly positive impact on the pitch for Scotland during their 0-0 draw to England, a result that has kept their chances of earning a knockout phase slot alive. His absence throws a gigantic monkey wrench into whatever plans head coach Steve Clarke had for the team following Billy’s man-of-the-match performance against the Three Lions last week.

There might be reason for further worries given the potential of Billy having (unwittingly) infected Scotland NT players and/or staff. Although the tabloid tone is often heavier than it should be, the risk still remains.

In case Scotland manages to overcome Gilmour’s absence and make it to the round of 16, the 10-day self-isolation period means the young midfielder will also miss their first playoff match. But he could be available in time for the Euro quarter-finals, set to be played between July 2nd and 3rd.

Get well soon, Billy!