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Jorginho to stay at Chelsea amid interest from ‘major European teams’

A little bit of agenting, all of the time

Italy v Switzerland - UEFA Euro 2020: Group A Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jorginho’s having perhaps the greatest moment of his career.

Fresh off of Chelsea’s rousing Champions League triumph — not to mention matching his career high with 8 goals in all competitions, all from the penalty spot — the 29-year-old has been anchoring Italy’s dominant and eye-catching midfield (so far) at the European Championships, which has made them one of the tournament standouts and early favorites.

Jorginho’s overcome a fair bit of criticism, some of it a fair bit unfair, even, during his time at Chelsea, and we all know the story of his rise from most humble origins, so just on a human level, if nothing else, it’s great to see him experience and enjoy such success. He of course wants more, first this summer, then next summer winter, at the 2022 World Cup. He also believes, according to his agent, that staying at Chelsea is the best way to set himself up for success in that regard, so despite some inquiries from major teams (and the usual waffle about Napoli being his heart-club), he’s set to stay for at least one more season.

“Jorginho is very well, he has won the Europa League and the Champions League and now the goal is to win the European Championships. [...] He is focused on this and wants to play all the remaining 7 games of the European Championship.”

“Obviously he won the Champions League and therefore there are inquiries from the main teams in Europe but in my opinion he will stay at Chelsea next year because the next goal is to make the World Cup in Qatar with Italy. And by staying at Chelsea he has great chances to do so.”

-Joao Santos; source: Radio Marte via Gonfialarete and Google Translate

Jorginho’s ever-talkative agent has been pretty consistent in this regard lately, so there’s no reason to think that Jorginho will be leaving anytime soon. He does however have only two years left on his contract, and about six months before turning 30, the usual cut-off time for a multi-year extension at the club. So whether he stays at Chelsea beyond next season is a much less clear-cut situation.

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