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Kylian Mbappé doesn’t want to ‘make a big story’ about Oliver Giroud comments, makes a big story anyway

Still moaning

Such symbolism
Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

Nearly a week on from Olivier Giroud insinuating (not necessarily incorrectly) in a post-match interview last Tuesday that Kylian Mbappé doesn’t pass to him enough, Mbappé’s still moaning about it — now in public, too, which is ironic given that he claims his beef with the Chelsea man isn’t about the content of the comments but rather their public delivery.

“He didn’t say anything to me and then I learned about it in the media. I would have preferred that he come and even be much more scathing about it. In the dressing room if I have something to say to someone I will tell them and it stays there, I don’t have a problem.”

In further hilarious irony, Mbappé claims he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this, but it’s been the story dominating France’s build-up to the tournament and the 22-year-old wanted to air his grievances last week already before being dissuaded from doing so by his head coach.

A few days and at least one (unsuccessful, clearly) attempt from both Giroud and Deschamps to apologize and clear the air later, he’s still at it — sure, he was asked about it, but what was it that he said about making comments in public that maybe should stay within the team?

“I was a bit affected by that but we’re not going to make a big story about it [...] I wanted to come Thursday (to the press conference) to explain myself. After speaking with the coach, it wasn’t the best moment. He decided the best time was today, so I did as I was told and came today.”

“I don’t want that to disturb the team. We will already have very difficult tests, we don’t need to make things even harder.”

-Kylian Mbappé; source: France 24

That much we can all agree on.

France take on Germany on Tuesday to begin their Euro 2020 campaign, which will end either in glorious disaster or glorious success.

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