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Werner approves of thicker lines for VAR, reveals Kanté’s greatest strength

Interview ahead of Germany’s game against France


Timo Werner may have been Chelsea’s joint-leading goalscorer, with a rather unimpressive (in every which way) 12 goals in all competitions, and may have had more goal “contributions” than any other player on the team when you count assists and penalties won, but those numbers were well below expectations for a player who scored 34 times the season prior.

Then again, didn’t help that only three players hit the woodwork more often than Werner’s 5 in the Premier League (Kane 9, Watkins 7, Antonio 6), nor did it help that Werner saw multiple efforts ruled out for offsides and other such VAR misfortunes. He could of course try to stay onside a bit better, though playing off the last defender’s shoulder is part of his style, and some of those decisions were laughably marginal — a scourge not unique to Werner’s plight.

With proposed improvements coming to the VAR offside process, including the use of “thicker lines”, aimed at giving the benefit of the doubt back to the attacker, Werner should profit. He’s certainly hoping so!

“I heard that the line in England should be made a little thicker in the future. That could benefit me, then I might have scored five more goals last season. The VAR is already helpful to give clear goals. If the offside line is made a little thicker and the little toe is no longer offside, but at the same height, then that would also be okay.”

In more immediate concerns, Timo and his Germany cohorts begin their Euro 2020 adventure in a couple days in rather challenging fashion as they take on one of the biggest favorites, France.

Chelsea Training Session Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Werner might not start — he hasn’t started any of the last five games for the national team — but on the other side, N’Golo Kanté is sure to play from the beginning. Kanté had a very strong finish to the season and has becoming a fashionable and well-deserving pick for the Ballon d’Or. But as Werner points out, the midfielder’s greatest strength is not necessarily anything he does on the pitch, but how he approaches his football.

“N’Golo’s greatest strength is that he is so humble. That’s why everyone in the world loves him, because he just goes out on the pitch and plays football. There is nothing around it that distracts from his person. He goes into the duels, bites his way in and never gives up — even in training he never gives you room to turn. He is an asset for every team in the world.”

-Timo Werner; source: Bild via Google Translate

Should be a fun one on Tuesday night then.

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