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MUST WATCH: Chelsea Unseen at the Champions League final

Highlights, celebrations, behind the scenes

Thiago Silva, Mason Mount watch anxiously in the final minutes

This video is not (yet) on the official Chelsea YouTube channel, so you’ll have to load up the 5th Stand App or go to the official Chelsea website to watch it — but it’ll be worth it.

Do it.

And then watch it again.

And maybe again.

Chelsea Unseen has been a favorite feature from Chelsea TV for several years now and it remains one of the best things they do. And this behind-the-scenes video is appropriately extra big and extra long, clocking in at just over 20 minutes, chronicling Chelsea’s Champions League Final victory from all the unique angles, and then moving into the dressing room to give us the celebrations, jubilations, and even a few scenes from the post-match party and the arrival back at Cobham where, as Champions League-winning Captain César Azpilicueta points out, we’re going to have make a bit more room on the wall to commemorate this latest trophy in the club’s history.

It’s chock full of excellent moments, from Thiago Silva on the bench after his injury, to the players rushing the pitch, to Azpi hugging Abramovich, to Marcos Alonso actually drinking from Tuchel’s lucky shoes, and many, many, many more.

Here’s the bit with the players on the bench anxiously counting down the final seconds, and then exploding in absolute joy as the final whistle sounds.

Hopefully this Unseen episode will make it to the YouTube channel sooner rather than later, but until then, watch it (again) here.

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