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The secret was in Tuchel’s lucky shoes all along

Not superstitious, just a little-stitious

In one of the countless post-match celebration videos posted to social media, Thomas Tuchel enters the Chelsea dressing room, pops a bottle of champagne, spins around like an absolute madlad spraying everyone, then takes his shoe off, which is then hoisted up as an idol to be worshipped.

Most of us thought that Tuchel, in classic fashion, was going to pour some beer into it and chug it. When there’s no boot, a shoe will do — what they might call a “shoey” Down Under.

But as it turns out, those shoes had special significance, as the Chelsea head coach revealed afterwards.

“I had these shoes in Paris and I made a promise that we will wear these shoes when we reach the Champions League final. They were a present from the president at PSG and I promised my staff I would wear them in the final and I did not wear them so we lost and I wore them today and they worked.”

-Thomas Tuchel; source: The Sun

Combined with Chelsea’s decision to not play in next year’s home kit, it was once again written in the stars. Or in this case, the shoes.

Not superstitious, just a little stitious.


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