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WATCH: Avengers:Endgame trailer fits perfectly to Chelsea Champions League final hype video

Whatever it takes

This one popped up on Twitter and the Chelsea subreddit, and it’s unexpectedly great. Intrepid Chelsea fan @CFC_Muk took the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, music and voiceover and all, and used it to create a compilation hype video for Saturday’s Champions League final.

And you know what? It works!

It probably helps that we already have a Captain America and an Iron Man — or at least an Iron Ma-so-n. And while we don’t have a Hulk, we do have Hulk’s former international teammate. And Antonio Rüdiger may not look like Thor, but it does seem like he could shoot lightning out of his eyeballs when he gets angry. And Earth’s got wizards now, too; case in point: Hakim Ziyech. Plus, just when it may look like all hope is lost, N’Golo Kanté will hopefully emerge from the quantum realm and save the day by being in multiple places at the same time. With Édouard Mendy’s Grootian arms, Thomas Tuchel’s Vision, and all the rest of the SW6’s Mightiest Heroes — yes, even Jorginho “Hawkeye but sometimes useful” Frello — perhaps we can indeed avenge Man-Thanos-ter City for the second time this season and prevent them from acquiring another precious infinity stone trophy.

It won’t be as easy as the snap of a finger, but if we assemble just right... we just might get that one chance to emerge victorious.

Whatever it takes.

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